EasyGreen App Mockup


EasyGreen is one of a kind

Android App Mockup

EasyGreen Mockup App was created to consider the specific needs of lawn care service providers that have not been met before.  We forsee EasyGreen as the go-to app for all independent lawn care providers.  Our goal is to make EasyGreen so simple to use that it will become the primary method of customer management, scheduling, and bill tracking in the lawn care industry.

Industry Needs

App Mockup discusses industry needs

Generating sales in the field is an integral part of the lawn care industry. With EasyGreen, the ability to do direct sales on the spot with a clear and comprehensible cost estimator will boost productivity, decrease overhead costs and increase organization.

• Improve organization with specialized customer data filing method.

• Lookup customer data with speed and efficiency.

• Offer quick estimates and schedule new clients.

• 100% customizable app can be tailored to fit most needs.

Eliminate the mounds of wasteful paper that estimates and customer notes generate.

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