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Day 4 in the daily design challenge is a familiar one for me.

While earning my Mobile Development Degree a few years ago I took an iOS Development Course. I had to program a simple calculator and design the UI. The earlier concept wasn’t very sexy but we did have pretty strict design rules to follow.

This time I took more time on focusing on the UI and considered an all-in-one calculator.

This app ui has 4 categories:

  1. Calculator
  2. Currency Converter
  3. Tip Calculator
  4. Measurement Converter

After designing the ui I realized the calculator should include a delete or back button. I think I can add a back button by making the number 0 the same size and rearranging the ui around a bit to add it next to the clear key.  If I keep it the same I can program the “C” for long and short taps. Short taps for back button and long tap for delete.

You’ll notice my UI mockup perspective is fancy.  Thanks to Blazrobar on the Creative Market and his spiffy Photoshop Actions.

Check out the Calculator here on Dribbble.


Mobile Notary

In my Mobile Development Career I have created 3 other customized calculators. Only 2 are worth mentioning as the 3rd one only focused on the code and not the UI.

  1. Mobile Notary App

This app was created for Mobile Notary Individuals who needed to calculate costs for legal documents. Keep in mind that I created this app in 2011 and was the 4th app I ever created.  The UI evolves quickly but I don’t think it would have been considered quality work even back then.  But it worked smoothly and as a new and young developer in 2011 that was all that mattered.

I must’ve really liked calculating things. Because for my final senior project (which I rocked! A+) I added a LawnCare Service Calculator as a feature in my app.  This app was really just a custom contact app that stored customer data using A Custom Estimator that was completely customizable, it calculated how much to charge clients for lawn care services and then stored the information under their contact along with payment options and dates.  It is available in Spanish and English and uses a login/signup to store each users information.

Check out the full project on Behance.


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Objective C
  • Java


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UI daily design calculator. In my Mobile Development Career I have created 3 other customized calculators.

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