EasyGreen Creative Brief

сколько сохнет самовыравнивающийся пол The EasyGreen Creative Brief was developed for a lawn care productivity app. This summary/overview includes high-level elements from the problem and vision statements that communicate the intended goals and their alignment to the problem statement.

The brief is arranged in a way that supports the content and allows the viewer to easily consume the information.

The creative brief is presented in a consistent and visually pleasing manner with proper call-outs to content through the use of headers, footers, titles, subtitle, and other similar design mechanisms.

http://prior-design-russia.ru/projects/issledovanie-v-nachalnoy-shkole.html Audience is properly defined and personas are present describing the application use and supporting the problem statement and solution.

http://mkk-aviwon.ru/discusion/nomer-telefona-8-911-kakoy-operator.html The problem statement is clearly defined and presents a valid case for the application's development. The presented goals for the application adequately provide a solution for the stated problem.

source link A competitive analysis is present which validates the approach of the proposal versus current solutions.

http://www.whowhatwhenhow.net/sharre/izmeneniya-v-rekonstruktsii-zdaniy.html The timeline properly communicates reasonable milestones and expected application status along the timeline with significant detail and reasonable deadlines.


The prototype mockup presents a clear understanding of the application's use flow, functionality, and eventual design including wireframes, style guide, application flow diagrams, etc.