обозначение отверстия с резьбой на чертеже UI Profile Design видео трудности перевода супервумен в этом проекте мы делаем три вещи UI Daily Design: Profile



2016 006 Daily UI Challenge was to create a Profile UI Design. There are numerous ways to design a profile page, with tons of information I can offer my users. I chose a simple flat ui design with a clean interface and basic information. The user should find it easy to navigate and appealing to the eye. With the profile UI remaining simple it can be used for multiple apps. контурная карта африка 11 Check out my ideas on the side ->

мебель новороссийск каталог While these ideas have absolutely nothing to do with the current profile ui design I thought it was worth mentioning. When considering users while designing interfaces many ideas begin to spring forth and it is not until you have your design mojo juices flowing that you can really problem solve other ideas or explore other design possibilities. 10 My advice would be to never really scrap ideas that you have, instead use them to consider other ideas. саморегулируемая организация арбитражных управляющих северная столица So far I am having a really good time in the design challenge and hope to continue to improve. As always I am open to critique, advice, resources or compliments. Drop in the comments below and let me know what you think.

PROJECT INFO экспертиза царских останков результаты астана местоположение на карте Profile UI

сколько стоит автомобиль киа рио Although I didn’t have a specific app in mind while designing the Profile UI I did remember a social media app idea I had years ago that resembled the Vine app. But then the Vine app released and I lost interest in creating my app.

хк ростов таблица During the creation process I thought about how can I tweak the app idea to offer users something unique. I was able to transform this main idea into two possibly solid ideas.

жуткие истории похищения людей инопланетянами сколько давать энтерофурил ребенку Avocado Landing Page  ключи от крыши где взять UI: Check it out on Dribbble расписание авиарейсов мин воды где можно дешево отдохнутьв 2017 году RantRaveReview – an app that allows the user 30 seconds to record video that would fit under 1 of 3 categories.

  1. Rant
  2. Rave
  3. Review

значение тату кошечки рассказы длительная пытка вибратором VideoLove – a site for anyone aspiring to be in film and television industry to share their work, receive feedback from peers and gain possible employment. These works include several categories as well.

  1. Filmmaking
  2. Visual Storytelling
  3. Lighting
  4. Editing
  5. Audio
  6. Set Design



UI daily design calculator. In my Mobile Development Career I have created 3 other customized calculators.


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